Heuchera 'Dale's Strain'

grows 18" tall in zones 3-9 and it's foliage turns bright orange in the fall. It's small white blooms appear in Spring

Native Columbine 'Little Lanterns'

 is a native herbaceous perennial that only grows 10" tall in light shade. Little Lanterns blooms April to May and attracts hummingbirds.​

Rudbeckia 'American Gold Rush'

is a native beauty that has all the characteristics we need in the South. It flourishes in heat and humidity, is not bothered by deer and is highly resistant to fungus. Gold Rush grows 13 inches tall and attracts birds and all sorts of pollinators. 

Phlox 'Solar Flare' can tolerate our hot summer temperatures better than other varieties. It grows 20-24" tall in full sun and likes moist soil.

​​We are growing three different native heuchera for the Spring. Heuchera are evergreen and like some afternoon shade in summer in the South. They are evergreen and need to be kept drier in the winter in well drained soil . In the summer heat be sure to keep them well watered to prevent loosing leaves. You should divide clumps about every three years in the spring. 

​​​​​​​​Mill Creek Greenhouses

Columbia, SC

Native Plants that we are growing to be available in the Spring

Heuchera 'Marvelous Marble'

grows 12" tall in zones 3-9, attracts hummers and butterflies, and has white blooms in May and June.

Heuchera ' Autumn Bride'

grows 1.5 ' tall and 2' wide in zones 3-8 and has small white flowers in August and September.

​​​​Gallardia Gallo 'Dark Bi-color'

is a native herbaceous perennial also known as Blanket Flower that grows 12 inches tall and wide in full sun. These bright blooms will keep coming all summer with deadheading. Bees and butterflies love it but deer will pass it up for tastier treats. 

Echinacea Purpurea 'Virgin'

Purpurea are the variety of native Echinacea that are the most hardy and easy to grow. They make wonderful cut flowers and are liked by butterflies.