Mill Creek carries a line of Daddy Pete's soil amendments. Pictured is Sea n' Farm, an organic mix. We also have a potting mix, composted cow manure and several other products. These are the products we believe in and use at Mill Creek to grow and fertilize our plants. Daddy Pete’s is a North Carolina company with a sustainable business selling to independent garden centers like us.

This is our favorite growing medium. 

Jasmine 'Pride of Augusta'

camellia magnoliaeflora

'Nuccio's Cameo' Camellia

Illicium 'Pink Frost'

Helleborus 'Ice N' Roses'

Serenoa Repens or Saw Palmetto

​​​​​​​​​Mill Creek Greenhouses

Columbia, SC

Blueberry blooms

varieties available are:

Tifblue                Powderblue

     Legacy               Brightwell

     Krewer                Premier

    Misty                Spring High